Haitian President, Cabinet Members Play in Fundraising Match for Haiti World Cup Team

by Theodore Viwotor

The people of Haiti witnessed one the most surprising events in their lives when their President and his cabinet laced their boots to play football - with amputees.

The President of Haiti, H.E. Michel Martelly (center, above) and his Cabinet shocked Haitians when their team, known as the 'Presidency Team' played a special match against the National Amputee Football Team of Haiti as part of activities to raise funds for the team's participation in the World Cup in Mexico and to promote inclusiveness for Persons With Disability (PWD).

The match was witnessed by many fans from across the country, to whom the scores never mattered as much as the beauty of seeing the first Gentleman of the land joining the amputees on the field.

Though this is not the first time the team has played with high ranking personalities, this match stands out as the most remarkable in the history of Amputee Football in the country.

The Haitian Amputee Football Association (AHFA) has in the past organized matches against the National Police Department and the US Embassy, among others.

According to Giscard Ciney, Administrator of AHFA, the objective of the match is to break the barrier of discrimination and to let the President and people of Haiti see the good works of PWDs.

Russian General Announces Plans for Unsanctioned
Club Tournament in Crimea

Sevastopol, Crimea - Major General Sergey Kramarenko, Hero of the Soviet Union; and Georgiy Lunacharsky, President, Russian Disabled Football Federation (RDFF); have announced plans to hold its club team "Victory Cup" in the disputed territory of Crimea.

General Kamarenko's invitation to participate has also been sent to Ukraine.

The Victory Cup is an annual event celebrating Russia's shared victory over Germany in World War II.

Richard Hofmann, President of the World Amputee Football Federation (WAFF), said the tournament is not and has never been sanctioned, and that statements to the contrary are "complete fabrications."

He said that neither the RDFF nor the Russian military or the Russian government had ever approached the WAFF regarding approval for the tournament.

"The WAFF Executive would never authorize such a tournament given the blatant political and military overtones in the choice of venue."

In her response to the "invitation", Olena Zaitseva, President of Ukraine Federation of Sports for Persons with Locomotor Disabilities, said
  her organization considers it "provocative and non-friendly to propose hosting of this tournament in Sevastopol, Crimea."

"Especially," she said, at the same time when military actions are continued in the Eastern regions of Ukraine and each single day we receive information about killed by terrorists Ukrainian soldiers and peaceful citizens of Ukraine."

Several WAFF members who have received invitations to the Russian tournament in Crimea have reported their unwillingness to play under conditions proposed.

President Hofmann refused an invitation to participate in the tournament saying, "I will not attend any event which could in any way be seen be seen as an endorsement of the politicization and militarization of this Great Sport."

"I will not be a party to what is clearly and universally seen as gloating over a fallen opponent - using amputee sports as part of a larger political and military propaganda campaign.

I personally find your governmentís decision to conduct the tournament in Crimea as unnecessary, pouring salt in the wounds. Unsportsmanlike."

There has been no response from the RDFF.

Earlier this year Pope Francis met members of the Italian Amputee Soccer Team. The team demonstrated the sport for the Pope as part of an event which focused on Italian youth and the place of sports in the church.

Sierra Leone Amputee Football Donates Food And Sensitizes Players On Ebola Outbreak

by Bockarie, Salonetimespress.com

The executive of the Amputee Football Club in Sierra Leone on Monday 1st September 2014 donated 100 bags of rice and 25 five gallons containers of cooking oil to amputee players in Sierra Leone at their headquarters office, Freetown.

Talking to the media during the donation the PRO of the amputee team, Albert Mustapha said they thought it fit to do the donation because their members are disabled.

Besides the food donation, the PRO said even though no amputee has been reported contacting the Ebola disease they also want to join hands to sensitize each and everyone how to protect them from getting in contact with the killer disease.

He went on that before formation of the club most of their members were beggars on the street and they don't them to return to the street. He went on that the situation is getting worse every day letting the price of food commodities escalate.

The food he said will be distributed to all the amputee players nationwide but appealed to the government and business houses to help them in their effort to feed the disable as they too are Sierra Leoneans. The PRO said they have asked the consent of the security to allow them get the food items in the quarantine areas in the Kenema and Kailahun districts.

WAFF Suspends AFFA

The WAFF Executive Committee has formally suspended recognition of the Amputee Football Federation of Africa.

AFFA was formed as a Confederation to represent the specific needs of amputee football playing Members in Africa.

WAFF President Rick Hofmann said the suspension was required due to irregularities in AFFAís original application, and due to on-going misrepresentations by the organizationís leadership regarding itís documents of authority.

He emphasized that the suspension is limited to the AFFA itself and has no direct impact on WAFF members-in-good-standing.

But the ruling does mean that WAFF has also withdrawn recognition AFFA sponsored tournaments and events, and that the accomplishments of teams and individuals who participate in such events will not count toward world rankings or individual accomplishment records.

The AFFA leadership has been informed that reinstatement is possible with complete, proper documentation and that WAFF rules and regulations must be acknowledged and adhered to.

AFFA Reconstruction Summit Scheduled for Late October in

Prospective Member Tanzania will host a meeting of Afican Nation delegates for the purpose of revising and approving a Constitution for the Amputee Football Federation of Africa. The meeting is scheduled for Oct 25 and 26.

"Their athleticism is absolutely ridiculous."

  The Irish Amputee Football Association played an exhibition against the "traditionally configured" Granville Rangers during the half-time of the Republic of Ireland's International friendly against Oman Wednesday evening, Sept. 3.

The IAFA beat Granville 1-0 before a crowd of more than 14,000 spectators.

Reporting on the match, Newstalk's Off the Ball radio presenters said the following of the IAFA and their half-time showpiece:

"Their athleticism is absolutely ridiculous. These guys are getting around the pitch at a ferocious speed and the touch and the control they have on their feet, is just, it's actually incredible to behold. We're all speechless here in the pressbox." - Off the Ball, Newstalk

El Salvador, Ghana,
Kenya, Liberia
Elect New Amp Soccer Leaders

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Turkey Wins Amp Futbol Cup III
England - Silver; Poland - Bronze

Turkey emerged victorious in a hard-fought two-day tournament in Warsaw, Poland, Sept 13 and 14. In a first-of-its kind event, the sem-finals and medal rounds were broadcast live by Internet throughout Europe.

Replays were available to the rest of the world in the days following the tournament.

Match scores are as follows:

Preliminary Rounds - Saturday, 13 September:
Poland v Turkey 1 - 5
England v Ukraine 3 - 0
Turkey v Italy 3 - 0
England v Belgium 10 - 1
Poland v Italy 3 - 0
Ukraine v Belgium 10 - 1
Semis and Final 14 September:
Semi-final Poland v England 0 - 4
Semi-final Turkey v Ukraine 11 - 1
5-6th Place Belgium v Italy 1 - 8
3-4th Place Poland v Ukraine 3 - 1
Gold Medal Match England V. Turkey 1 - 4

Special Recognitions:
Top Scorer - Mickey Chambers (England)
Best goalkeeper - Daniel Priami (Italy)
Best player - Rahmi ÷zcan (Turkey)
Fair Play - Team Ukraine

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  In a World Cup warm-up England and Ireland played two friendlies in two days, at the Lancashire FA, The County Ground, Thurston Road, Leyland.

England defeated Ireland 2 - 0 in the Saturday Match. Ireland came back to tie England in the Sunday afternoon match 1-1.

The friendlies were sponsored by ScanTec.

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