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European Amputee Football Federation Schedules
10 May-June Events
in 10 Countries

UEFA Supports EAFF Amputee Football Weeks for Development and Awareness

Events include Germany v. Holland May 14-15:

Poland May 14-15:
France - May 19:
Italy May 21-22: An Irish Junior Training Camp June 11:
Milan, Italy May 28 - Italy v France before the UEFA Champions League Festival Final.

For more information on locations and times, contact the European Amputee Football Federation
Peterborough United Wins 2016 EAFA National Amputee Football League Championship
Click here for final standings.

UEFA Sees "Bright Future" for Amputee Football
Click here for the full article.

International Junior Camp
a Great Success!

The first Junior Amputee Football Training Camp, held recently in Dublin, Ireland, was a great success for all involved.

Children and parents from five European nations took part, learning and most importantly, playing with other kids from other countries who are configured just like themselves.

See the following video reports filed on Facebook by Ireland's RTÉ News (may load slowly), and on Polish Television.

Pro Footballers Support
Amp Football Weeks

Champion Irish Professional Winger Damien Duff

John Barnes, Striker, Liverpool and England

Owen Coyle, Striker, Boulton and Republic of Ireland

Paul Osam, former professional, now Head Coach, Irish U16

American Confederation Names New Officers

As part of the overall Copa Americas tournament, new officers were named to lead the organization. Those officers are:

Hugo Herenu, Argentina, President. Jan Gauna, Mexico, 1st Vice President. Ademir Cruz, Brazil, 2nd Vice President.

The Confederation will soon apply to the WAFF for official recognition.

Copa America Final Standings

1:   Brazil
2:   Argentina
3:   Columbia
4:   Mexico
5:   El Salvador
6:   Haiti
7:   Costa Rica
Ghana did not appear.

Victor Levchenko Named Executive Director of
the Russian Federation

Mr. Victor Levchenko

Mr. Victor Levchenko has been named Executive director of the Russian Disability football Federation.

Mr. Levchenko takes the place of Dr. Ivan Kiansky, for years a constant in WAFF leadership, who has been reassigned to a domestic assignment.

Founder Don Bennett Promotes Amputee Football
in Southeast Asia

Mr. Don Bennett, creator of amputee football, is currently promoting our sport in southeast Asia. He is shown here with the head coach of the Vietnamese Disabled Sports Association at a meeting in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

El Salvador Names
New Leadership

Sr. Jorge Garcia, El Salvador's new Delegate to the WAFF.

A new slate of Officers has been named in the El Salvadoran Amputee Football Association. The new leaders are:

Elvin Horacio Hernandez Reyes - President.
Tomas Jose Ventura - Vice President.
Renaldo Omar Rodriguez - Treasurer.
Pastor of Jesus Saravia - Vocal.
Jorge Garcia - WAFF Delegate.

Courtesy of

The Brazilian national amputee football team won the Third Copa America tournament on Sunday, Nov. 29, by defeating Argentina by 2 to 0 in the final.

Playing in Guadalajara, Mexico, Brazil won the decision with goals from Say and Rogerinho for its third Continental Championship.

The two goals of the match were scored in the first half. In the second half, the Brazilian team held the advantage, shutting out the Argentines to confirm victory.


The Brazil finished the tournament undefeated.

In the semifinals, the Brazilians defeated the Mexico by 3 to 2.

In the first round Brazil played to two draws - 2 to 2 with El Salvador and 0 to 0 against Argentina - and a victory by walk-over against Ghana, the African guest team, which did not appear for the tournament.

Observers said this edition of the Copa America was the best of all on structure, organisation and competition.

Teams scheduled to compete in Copa America 2015 were:

Group 1:   Mexico, Haiti, Costa Rica, and Columbia.
Group 2:  Brazil, Argentina, Ghana, and El Salvador.

Matches were live-streamed via

Photo courtesy of Rogerio Juliana Almedia

Brazil 2 - Argentina 0 For Copa America 2015
Columbia Bests Mexico 2-1 for Third

Match Results
Monday 23 November   Haiti 3 Costa Rica 0
    Mexico 3 Columbia  1
    Brazil 2 El Salvador  2
    Argentina 3 Ghana  0 (Forfeit)

Tuesday 24 November   Argentina 2 El Salvador  1
    Columbia 3 Haiti  2
    Mexico 12 Costa Rica  0
    Brazil 3 Ghana  0 (Forfeit)

Wednesday 25 November   Columbia 9 Costa Rica  0
    Argentina 0 Brazil 0
    Mexico 2 Haiti  0
    El Salvador 3 Ghana  0 (Forfeit)

Into the Medal Round   Group 1 -- Mexico & Columbia
Group 2 - Argentina & Brazil

Consolation Round
Copa Proan
  El Salvador 4 - Haiti - 1

Thursday 26 November -
Consolation Round
  El Salvador 13 Costa Rica  0

Friday 27 November -
Consolation Round
  Costa Rica  0 Haiti  5

Saturday 28 November -
Proan Cup Consolation Round
  El Salvador 4 Haiti  1

Semi-Final   Argentina  4 Columbia  2
0 - 0 end of regulation time.
Argentina wins in shoot-out.

Semi-Final   Mexico 2 Columbia  3

Sunday 29 November -
Copa America Final
  Brazil 2 Argentina  0

Turkey Gold,
Poland Silver in
Amp Futbol Cup 2015

The Turkish national amputee football team emerged victorious as some of the best teams in Europe met in Warsaw for in the 2015 Edition of Poland's Amp Futbol Cup. Other teams competing included France, Ireland, Italy, and Spain.

The competition has become the centerpiece of amputee football competition in Europe, and was ive-streamed via internet to fans in Europe and elsewhere.

Special guests included WAFF President Richard Hofmann and Patrick Gasser, the head of UEFA’s Football and Social Responsibility Unit (FSR).
Round 1

Group A:
Polska v Francja      1:0
Hiszpania v Francja  3:0
Polska v Hiszpania   2:1

Group B:
Turkey v Italy      9:1
Ireland v Turkey  0:5
Ireland v Italy      1:2

   Poland v Italy     3:0
Turkey v Spain   9:0

Match for 5th Place:
   Ireland v France 1:2

Match 3rd place:
   Spain v Italy      3:0

The Final
   POLAND vs. TURKEY 1:2
Final Standings
1:  Turkey
2:  Poland
3:  Spain
4:  Italy
5:  France
6:  Ireland

Turkey celebrates its victory winning the
4th Annual Amp Futbol Cup in Warsaw, Poland.

European Nations Form Continental Confederation

Widlak, Okturen, Baker Named First Leaders

by Mawuli Viwotor

Dublin, Ireland - A new continental federation has been added to the Amputee Football World following the formation of the European Amputee Football Federation (EAFF) at a colorful ceremony in Dublin, Ireland.

The organizing congress was attended by delegates from England, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Poland, Russia, Spain, Turkey, and Ukraine. Georgia, Belgium and the Netherlands are expected to join the EAFF in the near future.

First EAFF leadership: from left, Mateusz Widlak, Poland, President; Simon Baker, Ireland, Secretary General; Tufan Okturen, Turkey, Vice President.

Representatives from the Football Association of Ireland (the FAI) and from the UEFA (Union of European Football Associations) also added their presence to the Congress. Reports from Dublin say that UEFA has pledged €50K per season for EAFF projects including grassroots development.

The Federation approved its Constitution and held elections choosing officers to lead the body for the next term of four years.

Mateusz Widlak of Poland was elected the President of the Federation, whilst Tufan Okturen of Turkey was picked for the position of Vice President. Simon Baker of Ireland was elected as the Secretary General.

The new Confederation is authorized by WAFF Statute Article 4.15 which stipulates that, "National Associations affiliated with WAFF and geographically situated on the same continent may form confederations which shall be subject to recognition by WAFF."

The next step for the new confederation is to officially register the organization as a legal federation, then to apply to the WAFF for official recognition.

Russia celebrates another World Cup Championship. Photo ©

Russia 3 - Angola 1 for the Gold!
Turkey Beats Poland
1 - 0 for Third

It was a tournament of high elation and crushing disappointment - as expected. It was the largest World Cup in the history of the game.

The tournament included two Cinderella teams, who came out of seemingly nowhere to advance far deeper into the tournament than anyone expected. Anyone but themselves, that is. And the tournament included the first woman to participate in World Cup play since 1986.

And it was a tournament where decades-long rivals walked off the field together.

But in the end, there can be only one.
And for World Cup 2014, Culiacan, Mexico, that one was the outstanding team from Russia.

The Final - Russia v. Angola

Angola was a Cinderella team. Coming in unranked, Angola clawed its way into the final with solid play throughout the tournament and a semi-final win over third-ranked Turkey. In the final they faced second-ranked Russia with confidence, skill and will.

In the early minutes of the final, the young Angola team pressed hard, testing the defense of the veteran Russian team with long distance shots by striker Antonio Sabino.

But Russia, who won the 2012 World Cup Silver Medal in 2012, opened the scoring with a clean goal by Igor Zihlin at the 23rd minute.
  In the second half Angola again came out hard. Just four minutes into the period Angola's Jose Candiero, drilled a shot into the back of the net to tie the match at 1 each - much to the delight of the standing room only crowd at Culiacan University Stadium. Angola played with confidence and skill, but in the end, the Russian team, many of whom had been playing together for 10-15 years, proved too much for the young team.

Alezander Kozak scored at the 44 minute mark, then Igor Zihlin closed the door on the Angolans for good with his second goal of the match at the 49 minute mark.

Zihlin would ultimately become the tournament's high scorer and the World Cup's Most Valuable Player.

More World Cup stories and images in the very near future.

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