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Upcoming Events!

September 7 - 8 Amp Futbol Cup 2019

Six teams will compete in Warsaw,Poland:
Brazil, France, Georgia, Italy, Poland and Russia

September 30 - October 14 Cup of African Nations Amputee Football (CANAF) Benguela, Angola.

A 10 team tournament:
Angola, Cameroon, Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, Nigeria, Tanzania, Togo, Rwanda and Sierra Leone.

October 25 - 27 Costa Rica v USA 3 match tournament in San Jose, Costa Rica for the President's Cup.

October 26-27 Turkey v Poland double game in Antalya (Turkey)

January 11-12, 2020 - Miramar (near Miami, Florida, USA) Soccer Festival Haiti, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, USA. Includes the First Women's International Competition.

Women can now compete on your own teams for the fun of it, for local, regional and national competition; or elite competition up to and including your own World Cup.

Women Get A League
of Your Own

First Tournament Set for January 2020

Women have been playing amputee soccer on the same pitch with the men since the game's very first day in 1982. Women have excelled at the at the local, national and elite World Cup level in what's called the fastest one-legged game in the world.

But women wanted a league of their own. And they won it.

The American Amputee Soccer Association and the World Amputee Football Federation - the sport's global governing body - welcomed the idea and are encouraging the creation of all-women's teams -- and your own World Cup.

The USA, Kenya, Haiti, Dominican Republic and the Philippines have kicked their women's programs into gear. More are expected.

Sarah Glowa, Director of
USA Women's Program Development

First Women's Tournament

The first Women's Amputee Soccer Tournament is scheduled for January 11-12 in Miami, Florida, January 2020.

The competition will be part of a Soccer Festival marking the 10th Anniversary of the earthquake that devastated the island country.

What's the Appeal?

Sarah Glowa, Director of Women's Program Development for American Women's Amputee Soccer, said "Many in the amputee community wonder what they'll be able to do in their new configuration. And there's no doubt that the success of the FIFA Women's World Cup has brought a lot of attention to the women's game.

"Now women in the amputee community have a chance to get out and play the game on their own terms."

Women have been competing at the elite level since the first days of the sport. Here, USA's Bronyn Creed vs. El Salvador - 1987 World Cup
"Women can get out, play the game, have some fun, have the opportunity to work up a good sweat again. And they can to excel to the world-class elite level if they choose to.

"And the game is not limited to amputees. Women with birth anomalies are also welcome in our game."

Ms. Glowa is a former collegiate women's soccer stand-out at the State University of New York at Oneonta. She was named New York State Section II Class A Player of the Year in 2010. She's also a practicing prosthetist.

Prospective players, coaches, organizers and administrators, also please see the full Laws of the Game.

She may qualify for the international game when she turns 16. Photo courtesy of Maciej Gillert, Poland.

Team Haiti is getting ready for the first Women's Amputee Soccer Tournament in Miami, Florida, USA in Janaury.

Angola Wins 2018 World Cup - Turkey Silver, Brazil Bronze
Champions of the World: Angola celebrates after 5-4 shoot out win over Turkey.

San Juan de los Lagos, Jalisco, Mexico - After a grueling 80 match schedule it came down to one kick. Twice.

Both the Bronze Medal match between World Cup host Mexico and Brazil and the Gold medal match between Angola and Turkey came down to the one kick each.

In both matches teams were tied 0 - 0 after regulation play. Tied still at the end of the first over time. And still tied at the end of the second overtime. Which meant the 2018 World Cup Gold, Silver and Bronze medals would come down to penalty shots.

The Bronze medal match was won by Brazil on the strength of a goal scored by Long time Brazilian star Ademir Cruz. It was Ademir's final shot in an outstanding Amputee Football career. He retired after the match.

The Angola v Turkey Gold Medal Match followed the same script - tied 0 - 0 after regulation play. Tied still at the end of the first over time. And still tied at the end of the second overtime. Which meant the 2018 World cup would came down to penalty shots.

All Angolan shots scored. All Turkish penalty shots scored - but one. And on the benefit of that one save, Angola, the 2014 Silver Medalist, became Amputee Football's Champion of the World.

Unless otherwise noted, all images courtesy of CEAN Productions and the San Juan World Cup Organizing Committee.
Special Recognitions

Best Player: Celestino Elias Antonio (Angola)

Best Goalkeeper: Gabriel Magalhaes (Brazil)

High Scorer: Richard the Round Prince (Haiti)

Best Referee: Nakade Kazuhiro (Japan)

Fair Play: El Salvador

Proan field 1 and 2 and "The Dome" meeting and meal facility. San Juan in the background.    Photo © Carl Calabria

World-class opening ceremonies.   Photo © Carl Calabria

Great thanks to all our referees!

Mayan warrior - opening ceremonies.

Chief Referee Ian Clarke, right, and Ademir Cruz, Brazil, pledge sportsmanship and impartial officiating on behalf of all players and referees.

San Juan Mayor Jesus Medina Briseno Presents WAFF President Rick Hofmann, center, and World Cup tournament Sponsor Manual Romo Ruiz right, with the Keys to the City. It was the first time the Keys were presented to anyone since 1979.    Photo © Carl Calabria

In Congress:
3 New Members, New Sec. Gen Named
Poland, Costa Rica Bid
for Next World Cup

Congress Synopsis: The WAFF Membership grew by three in the early minutes of the 2018 Congress of Members. Honduras and Tanzanaia were accepted by unanimous vote.

Uruguay, a Provisional Member, provided all necessary documents and was also confirmed unanimously as new Full voting Member.

Simon Baker, Secretary General of WAFF's European Amputee Football Confederation was named WAFF Secretary General after Mawuli Viwotor, WAFF's outgoing Sec. Gen. withdrew his nomination and instead nominated Ms. Celeste Tchima for the position.

But Ms. Tchima's nomination came after the Oct. 5 deadline and was declared invalid.

Mr. Baker ran on a platform, in part, advancing the game through the creation of Regional Confederation Commissioners to help administer the needs of the Members in those Confederations.

Mr. Baker has since resigned.

Next World Cup Proposals

Representatives from Crakow, Poland, and from Costa Rica made preliminary proposals to host the 2022 World Cup. The World Cup Host will be chosen according to the following protocol:

o January 2019: Both applicants request application documentation to become the host nation of the 2022 WAFF World Cup

o October 2019: Both applicants will submit full application documentation with video

o November/December 2019: the WAFF Executive Committee will perform site visits to inspect the nations' bids to host the 2022 WAFF World Cup

o December 2019: the WAFF Executive Committee will write about their site findings

o January 2020: the WAFF Executive Committee will request that delegates will vote on which nation to select

o February 2020: the WAFF Executive Committee will conduct a final site visit to ensure what was promised by potential host nation is being

delivered o March 2020: the WAFF Executive Committee will announce the host nation for the 2022 WAFF World Cup

Game founder Don Bennett, center, with veteran players Ademir Cruz, Brazil, left, and Steve Johnson, England, top.

Lunch with Kenya in the Dome.

Honoring the Mexican day of the Dead.

Photos © Carl Calabria

Photos © Carl Calabria

Match Scores Oct. 27-28

Sat. Oct. 27 Mexico 31 Ireland
Sun. Oct. 28 England 50 Uruguay
Sun. Oct. 28 Argentina 1 1 France
Sun. Oct. 28 Italy NE Ghana
Sun. Oct. 28 Poland 1 0 Columbia
Sun. Oct. 28 Japan 1 0 Costa Rica
Sun. Oct. 28 Angola 4 0 Ukraine
Sun. Oct. 28 Haiti 2 0 Spain
Sun. Oct. 28 Russia 2 0 El Salvador
Sun. Oct. 28 Brazil 6 0 Nigeria
Sun. Oct. 28 Turkey 4 1 Kenya
Sun. Oct. 28 USA NE Liberia

Tournament sponsor Manuel Romo, right, accepts a World Cup logo from Haitian artist Francillon Chery. Mr. Chery created the logo from steel drum material.

Match Scores Day Oct. 29

Mon. Oct. 29 Mexico 20 Uruguay
Mon. Oct. 29 England 30 Ireland
Mon. Oct. 29 Argentina NE Ghana
Mon. Oct. 29 Italy 2 1 France
Mon. Oct. 29 Poland 1 0 Costa Rica
Mon. Oct. 29 Japan 0 3 Columbia
Mon. Oct. 29 Angola 1 0 Spain
Mon. Oct. 29 Haiti 2 1 Ukraine
Mon. Oct. 29 Russia 3 0 Nigeria
Mon. Oct. 29 Brazil 1 0 El Salvador
Mon. Oct. 29 Turkey NE Liberia
Mon. Oct. 29 Kenya 2 1 USA

"The Train" which carried players between their hotels and the main sports complex was a delight to both visitors and to the local community.  Photo © Carl Calabria

Match Scores Oct. 30

Tue. Oct. 30 Mexico 03 England
Tue. Oct. 30 Ireland 41 Uruguay
Tue. Oct. 30 Argentina 0 1 Italy
Tue. Oct. 30 France NE Ghana
Tue. Oct. 30 Poland 0 2 Japan
Tue. Oct. 30 Columbia 2 1 Costa Rica
Tue. Oct. 30 Angola 1 2 Haiti
Tue. Oct. 30 Ukraine 0 5 Spain
Tue. Oct. 30 Russia 0 0 Brazil
Tue. Oct. 30 El Salvador 0 1 Nigeria
Tue. Oct. 30 Turkey 5 1 USA
Tue. Oct. 30 Kenya NE Liberia

Consolation Round - Not Advancing
Group A
1. USA
2. Nigeria
3. Costa Rica
Group B
1. El Salvador
2. Uruguay
3. Ukraine

8th of Finals and
Position Play

Wed. Oct. 31 Russia 41 Kenya
Wed. Oct. 31 England 1 0 Argentina
Wed. Oct. 31 Turkey 4 0 Ireland
Wed. Oct. 31 Mexico 2 0 Japan
Wed. Oct. 31 Poland 2 1 Haiti
Wed. Oct. 31 Brazil 1 1 France
Wed. Oct. 31 Italy 0 2 Angola
Wed. Oct. 31 Columbia 2 3 Spain
Wed. Oct. 31 USA 21 Costa Rica
Wed. Oct. 31 El Salvador 3 1 Ukraine

Quarter Finals and
Position Play

England 15 Brazil
Mexico 2 0 Spain
Poland 3 3 Angola
Turkey 5 1 Russia
Argentina 2 1 France
Haiti 3 1 Italy
Nigeria 1 1 Costa Rica
Japan 1 0 Columbia
Ireland 11 Kenya
Uruguay 3 2 Ukaine

Semi-Final Finals and
Position Play

Brazil 02 Angola
Mexico 0 4 Turkey
Spain 0 5 Russia
England 2 0 Poland
Japan 2 1 Kenya
Argentina 2 3 Haiti
Columbia 2 0 Ireland
France 0 1 Italy
USA 21 Nigeria
El Salvador 6 2 Uruguay

Medal Matches
Angola 54 Turkey
Mexico 4 5 Brazil
Final Standings 2018 World Cup

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