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Theodore M. K. Viwotor - Ghana

Ghana's Viwotor
Named WAFF
Media Relations Deputy

2nd VP Masayuki Sugino, Chair of the WAFF Media Relations Committee, and WAFF President Rick Hofmann have announced the appointment of Theodore M.K. Viwotor (Ghana), as Deputy Media Relations Officer.

Theodore, an experienced journalist and editor, will initially conentrate on helping promote amputee football throughout Africa in both traditional print, radio and television outlets, as well as developing awareness through social media outlets.

He will also work with the media relations officers of WAFF member nations in the development of effective media relations practices and policies.

Russian Vicory Cup
Scheduled for May 2014

Moscow - The Championship tournament for Amputee Football club teams ( The Victory Cup ) will held in Moscow 15-24 May 2014.

The announcement was made in Moscow by RDFF President Georgi Lunacharsky.

The Organizing Committee of this event intends to invite the 12 strongest club teams from the WAFF member countries.

Further details and a list of nations accepting competition invitations will be published as that information becomes available.


Wins Award
with Amputee
Football Photo

by Theodore Viwotor

An amputee football photo by renowned photojournalist, Inje Hondebrink of Holland, placed second at a special photo awards contest in Holland on Tuesday, March 25, 2014.

The Awards, known as Gelderse Nieuwsfoto Wedstrijd, recognized the impact of the picture taken during the match between the Amputee Football teams of Holland and Germany at Arhem in Holland on February 3, 2013. The match was the first by the Dutch national team.

In all there were 470 pictures from 47 photographers, with six (6) being nominated for the Sports category. Inje Hondebrink placed second among the three awardees.

Inje, who is deeply interested in Amputee Football, fully covered the 1st Paddy Power Cup in Limerick Ireland last August, and the 4th Cup of African Nations for Amputee Football (CANAF) in Nairobi, Kenya in December.

Mexican Organizing Committee Launches
World Cup Awareness Campaign

The 2014 Amputee Football World Cup organizing Committee, led by Ms. Lorena Kumate, has launched an awareness campaign to attract sponsors, the news media and spectators to the global championship scheduled to be played next November and December.

The World Cup will open on November 30, 2014, in the City of Culiacan, Sinaloa, Mexico.

WAFF President Rick Hofmann, left, and Cooper Melvin Gotteh, President of the Liberian Amputee Football Association, recently met in New York City during Gotteh's visit to the US.

The two discussed issues from the need for more playing opportunities, to the status of individuals living and playing in other countries, global promotional opportunities, the future of amputee footnall in Africa, and a wide range of other related topics.

Official World Cup 2014 Logo

"Jawy," the official mascot of Amputee Football World Cup 2014.

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